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Pro-Depp Army's Hunt for Kamilla Leads to Doxxing Black Women Anywhere

Dear supporters,

Over the past few days, the targeted harassment of Amber Heard supporters on Twitter has reached a new level. As of now, the popular pro-Heard Twitter user known as Kamilla has left the platform and one of the most outspoken pro-Depp Twitter users has been served a cease-and-desist letter for instigating offline harassment of a third party, the first step in a potential lawsuit.

Kamilla's profile picture, a still from Winx Club

Laura Bockoven, a self-described journalist and YouTuber with known connections to Depp’s legal team, took it upon herself to target a Black woman working for Shane Communications, the public relations firm that began to represent Amber Heard in May. Her apparent reasons for identifying Crisanta White as Kamilla were that:

(1) Kamilla said she was Amber Heard’s spokeswoman.

(2) Kamilla’s profile picture on Twitter was a cartoon drawing of a Black woman with long, natural hair and Crisanta White is a Black woman with long, natural hair whose image on a past employer’s website was also a cartoon.

As a survivor of domestic abuse who is being stalked by her ex, Kamilla takes her anonymity seriously and has not posted any personal information other than her race and gender. When she called herself Amber Heard’s spokeswoman, she did so as a joke, not as a clue to her true identity. Kamilla and White have made explicit that they are not the same person, White forcefully so.

Survivors Be Heard wish to unequivocally state that we believe the actions Laura Bockoven and other Depp supporters have taken in this regard to be rooted in racism. As Bockoven and others aggressively sought to identify Kamilla, they managed to misidentify her–based exclusively on her race–not only as Crisanta White but as Megan Thee Stallion and the hypothetical owner of an NFT (which was actually not an NFT but a popular drawing by Sam Yang). Furthermore, Kamilla has been targeted to an extent that Twitter users with a comparable following and White profile pictures have not.

Subsequent to Bockoven’s identification of White, Shane Communications had to shut down its website in order to reduce the influx of harassing emails and phone calls they were receiving from Depp supporters. Bockoven tweeted about this, seemingly to gloat. White’s family members have had their addresses posted online. This type of privacy intrusion is known as doxxing and it is one harassment tactic Bot Sentinel identified as having been used against multiple Heard supporters on Twitter during and after the Virginia trial. Twitter Support has been slow to take any action against accounts like Bockoven’s and, as of writing, the original post identifying White as Kamilla remains live. We urge citizen advocates in the United States to contact your members of Congress, as well as members of the Senate Commerce Committee, and demand an investigation into targeted harassment on social media. Those abroad may also wish to reach out to your elected officials. Sincerely, The Survivors Be Heard leadership team

August 13th, 2022

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