The Evidence

Below you will find the most important articles that contain both trial exhibits, judgments, transcripts, audio, and more. 


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Mr. Justice Nicol's Approved Judgement

John Christopher Depp II and NGN Ltd & Dan Wootton

Here you can read Justice Nichol's final and approved judgment in the libel suit Depp brought against The Sun in the UK courts in the summer of 2020. The judgment links directly to

UK Transcripts

Nick Wallis is a journalist that transcribed the entire John Christopher Depp II and NGN Ltd & Dan Wootton. His website is informative and contains all matters presented to the High Court. Some testimonies were elicited during a closed session. Please see the links below:

Fairfax County, VA

Here you can easily access all documents and exhibits made public via the Circut Court menu option. From there, you will select the Depp/Heard case.